by N[i]ebo

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released May 20, 2015

All the songs written and composed by N[i]ebo.
Recorded by Bernardo Giordano (

Artwork by Sanan Abdullayev


tags: rock punk Capua


all rights reserved


N[i]ebo Capua, Italy

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Track Name: Fun & Memories
So I open my eyes
The sun is already high
I'm so fucking late
I should start to run
My friends are waiting
We should have a party
We had already put some music on
They full my mind with memories and fun for all my life
Track Name: Viva Scaramouche
Don't be afraid, just follow me.
Trust in me, let's go far away where problems don't exist.

You looked into my eyes and say:
"Forgive me, I should go away!"
Track Name: Tear of Diamond
Only now I realize that my mind has been empty for all this time when I never heard from you.
I had smoked something strong to get down and now I wish I could see you atleast in my dreams.
Tell me why, why I have spent my life look for this rare flower and then...
I forgot to water it.

All the promises, all the words that I told you,
In the end I felt down like a leaf in autumn.
Silly me trying to turn back but I didn't realize that maybe it's late.

But I don't think it's late, because she knew how ashamed I am,
So I will wait for spring to come to my door
Or maybe I will be alone with my tear,
remembering the diamond that I lost,
Track Name: ImissyousomuchbutIwon
Everything reminds me to you,
But I have lost the game,
A game where I had only one life,
And I have lost the love.